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A satisfied course participant writes:

"The presenters always had our safety in mind. This was the most amazing course I have ever attended. I have a greater respect for snakes. The course was also fantastic for my personal development as I successfully achieved things that initially scared me."

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Welcome to Living with Wildlife Learn to understand, appreciate and live with Australia's most fascinating yet misunderstood animals, by training with one of the country's top authorities on Australia's venomous snakes.

Venomous snakes can be found all around Australia and every day people are exposed to the dangers of venomous snakes, spiders, stinging insects and other problem creatures, with many incidents occurring in metropolitan areas.

Work-related incidents involving venomous animals are increasing every year, as urban and rural growth and exploration invade wildlife habitats. This is a world-wide phenomenon, particularly involving venomous invertebrates such as spiders and scorpions. People in rural or remotely-located occupations, in particular people working for government wildlife agencies, mining companies, defence force personnel, ecotourism operators, emergency response staff, aid workers, and wildlife rescue volunteers will benefit from doing a Living with Wildlife training program.
The interactive courses, workshops and seminars offered by Geoff Coombe enable participants to identify and manage venomous snakes in every type of environment. Please, explore this web site to find out more about Geoff Coombe and the Living with Wildlife snake handling courses.

If you have completed one of Geoff's courses and/or are a trained Snake Catcher, you will soon be able to buy specialist equipment through this web site, including Geoff's Snake Catching Kit, his New Generation Snake Catching Stick and a comprehensive Snake Bit First Aid Kit. Geoff's companion web site Wildlife on the Web offers for sale a number of Geoff's books on Australian snakes and Wildlife, including his popular Handy Holliday Guides to Wildlife Hazards in Australia.

If you have come to this site hoping to get information and advice on snakes and how to live with them, you might like to view one of Geoff's Information Sheets, which while free are subject to copyright (see disclaimer below) -
  1. How to deal with a snake bite
  2. How to make your property snake UN-friendly
  3. Answers to common questions about snakes
  4. How to safely transport a snake


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