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The information and training provided is based on up-to-date and relevant scientific studies, as well as regular contact with the Curator of Herpetology of the SA Museum, the Clinical Toxinologist at the Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital, and attendance at appropriate Congresses, Seminars and short courses.
Remote Regions
places more emphasis on the snakes found in remote regions, safety issues, the need for an Emergency Response Plan, the importance of efficient communication and the effects of temperature extremes.
Field Techniques
covers the same elements as the basic course, but with more emphasis on application in the field; includes extra topics relating to sexing, measuring, sampling, identification, trapping and restraint.
like the basic course, but with additional information about cage design, substrates, heating and cooling, ventilation, diseases and hygiene, and the challenges of restraint in a captive environment.
Advanced Techniques
like the basic course but with additional input for people who genuinely have a need to learn safe and efficient methods of restraint, in addition to the use of basic catching tools; such techniques can be useful in both field and captive situations. A pre-requisite is that participants have completed the Basic Course or have demonstrated experience with venomous snakes.
Tropical Regions
This course is currently at the planning stage, where the main issue is finding suitable specimens to work with.
  Living with Wildlife
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Living with Wildlife currently offers four training programs:
  1. Basic Catching Venomous Snakes
  2. Venomous Snakes - Field Techniques
  3. Husbandry of Venomous Snakes
  4. Venomous Snakes - Advanced Techniques

Living with Wildlife courses provide basic information, instruction and practical training for people with little or no knowledge of or experience with snakes, venomous or otherwise. Every course is tailored to suit the needs of government agencies, industry or property owners as well as individuals.

Each course is available as
  • a comprehensive three-day course
  • an abbreviated one-day or two-day course

Obviously, when a course is delivered as a workshop or in abbreviated form, some of the content elements cannot be included, and some elements have to be covered in less depth.

Living with Wildlife also offers Snake Awareness Workshops for groups of up to 20 individuals living in a particular community, as well as Education Seminars for groups of 20 or more. These types of sessions can be arranged independently or in association with any of the four Training Programs above.

For further information, contact Living with Wildlife by phone or email, or submit our Enquiry Form.

In all the time that Living with Wildlife training programs have been conducted - since 1993 - there has never been a snakebite accident to trainer(s) and participants when Geoff Coombe has been the course presenter.

When Living with Wildlife courses are delivered outside of South Australia, it is necessary for safety and practical purposes to use two trainers. This is a requirement which is non-negotiable.

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