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Australian snakes cannot be exported overseas for training courses, due to Australian government legislation. Local snakes may be utilised for overseas courses if available and legally acceptable.
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dot Methods of Presentation  
live snakes are used

Live venomous snakes are used in all training courses within Australia, in order to -

  • gain and keep participants' attention;
  • help participants understand how different species behave in the vicinity of humans;
  • give participants experience, under controlled conditions, of best-practice methods of working with various species and sizes of venomous snakes; and
  • ensure that participants are apprehensive when learning how to work with venomous snakes, so that they do not take unnecessary risks.

In every training program a range of presentation methods is used, including -

  • Modified Lectures: Participation is invited and participants are free to comment/ask questions at any time.
  • Power Point slides: These are widely used throughout the course, also to help explain or answer questions from participants.
  • Demonstrations: Where the task needs to be explained, the items to be used will be shown and the technique demonstrated. Participants are invited to ask questions and will be given time to practice. A number of sessions follow this procedure.
  • Participant practice: Where snake-catching techniques are demonstrated, participants are given multiple opportunities to develop their skill, using various species, different specimens, and utilising (both) trainers.
  • Reading: A wide selection of references and other reading material is available during the course for interest and information.
  • Simulations: Depending upon the training course and facilities available, a series of "real-life" scenarios may be activated on the afternoon of the third day.

Safety is paramount
All participants have to wear suitable long trousers and appropriate footwear when engaged in practical exercises. Living with Wildlife's SAFETY PORTFOLIO for training courses, which includes details of their Emergency Response Plan covers all safety and wellfare aspects of the course, including the response to snake escape and snake-bite accidents. So far there has never be a need to apply it, however: since training courses started in 1993, when Geoff Coombe has been presenting, there has never been a snakebite accident involving either the trainer(s) or the participants.

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