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dot Commonly Asked Questions about Snakes  
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Q1. Which is the largest snake in the world?

Q2. Which is the largest snake in Australia?

Q3. Which is the largest venomous snake in Australia?

Q4. Which is potentially the most dangerous (venomous) snake in Australia?

Q5.What is anti-venom and why is it not available at all hospitals?

Q6. Why do we say some snakes are venomous and not poisonous?

Q7. What is venom? What is it for?

Q8. Do pythons crush their prey?

Q9. What do Australian snakes eat?

Q10. Is it true that if I have lizards in my garden then I don't have snakes?

Q11. Why, how, and how often do snakes shed their skins?

Q12. How far can snakes live from where they shed their skin?

Q13. Do snakes come out at night?

Q14. How long can snakes hold their breath underwater for?

Q15. Can snakes bite underwater?

Q16. How many young can a snake give birth to at a time?

Q17. If there is a snake in my garden can I get rid of it?

Q18. If you're out camping and you get bitten by a venomous snake, what should you do?

Q19. How do you know when a snake has reached sexual maturity?

Q20. Are snakes good for anything?

Q21: If I want to keep reptiles, do I need a permit?


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