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dot Impact on Course Participants  

People participating in Living with Wildlife courses have been affected in many ways:

  • Being taken beyond their limits
  • Developing self confidence
  • Correcting misinformation
  • Replacing fear with knowledge
  • Feeling enlightened
  • Gaining team confidence
  • Putting fear into perspective
  • Understanding snake behaviour
  • Changing their attitude
  • Increasing respect
  • Team building and reliance

The following quotes taken from participants' feedback sheets illustrate the impact courses have had:

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"One of the important highlights for this course was being taken beyond your limit (those in place before the course). During this course I felt secure and safe about participating in the practical components- almost without hesitation on my behalf."

Course run for the Public, Belair National Park SA

"The content and methodology has taken the group (catering for individuals) from controlled apprehension to observable self confidence, but not overconfidence."

New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry, and Department of Conservation, Cleland Wildlife Park, SA

"Excellent course - time well spent. Everyone should do this course."

ACT Parks & Conservation Service, Canberra Nature Park

"Extremely impressed with the course. I have learnt so much valuable info. My fear has been replaced with knowledge."

Cable Beach Club Resort, Broome, WA

"One of the best run and most interesting courses I have done in 25 years of NPWS employment."

National Parks & Wildlife SA, Cleland Wildlife Park, SA



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